In this tutorial we are going to learn BEST EXAMPLE FOR PCB DESIGN FOR GSM

GSM – Global System for Mobile Communication, It is international standard for mobile communication.

Circuit Design for GSM

As per below circuit we will arrange first Bill of material (BOM) , Here is below list of BOM for GSM Module.

S.                     Qty                    Location                                   Description

1                    1                             C3                                          220nF (Ceramic Cap)

2                  1                                D1                                         LED (Normal Led)

3                      1                                   JP1                                   3Pin(Bristik Con)

4                           1                                JP2                               2Pin(Molex Con)

5                           1                                JP3                              4Pin(Bristik Con)

6                           1                                JP4                               8Pin(4x2Bristik Con)

7                           2                 Q1,Q2                                    (NPN Transistor-sot-23)

8                           4                    R1,R2,R3,R9                         0E (1/4W Resistance)

9                           3                     R4,R5,R6                              22E(1/4W Resistance)

10                         2                      R7,R11                                4.7K(1/4W Resistance)

11                         2                       R8,R12                                10K(1/4W Resistance)

12                         1                                 R10                        330E(1/4W Resistance)

13                         1                                SIM1                                   6Pin(SIM Con)

15                         1                                   U1                    SIM900D(GSM MODULE)

16                         1                                   U2                  ESDA6V1W5(Voltage  Sup.)

Construction of  GSM Module

As per circuit diagram GSM Module , A GSM module U1 is connected to SIM1 (SIM holder connector ) which are connected to U2 (Voltage suppression) which are connected to SIM holder and GSM module, For output connector there is connector like JP1, JP2, JP3 and JP4.  

Working of GSM Module

As per working of GSM module, it is need to supply voltage 5V to 20V, first the SIM card mounted in SIM card holder that is communicate with GSM modem which is upon receiving digit command by SMS from any cell phone send that data to the MC through serial communication. When do the program in GSM module and power up the module then it will be work as per send and receive command for sender to receiver which there is requirement for product requirement Here is command for GSM module.

ATD – Dail

ATDL – Redail

ATH – Hook Control

ATO- Hook Control etc.

PCB Design of GSM Module

As per PCB design of PCB design of GSM Module, In this below PCB design we can see everything show clear that can be done by placement of components so it should be first read the circuit then place the components as per flow of circuit, if we set the all components as per flow of circuit then 80% design, In every Project we learn about PCB layout design which are depend on placement of components so please of want to become good designer always see the placement of components which are depend on the flow of circuit so first should be read the circuit then see how it is working then place the components as per flow of circuit.

Below is arrangement of PCB design.

TOP Layer

As per below image for top side for PCB of GSM module. Only U1 and 8Pin connector are bottom side remaining components are bottom side

Bottom Layer

As per below image for bottom layer of GSM module there is only U1 and JP2(5×2 Pin Con)

Use of GSM Module.

GSM Circuit it is use for  digital cellular technology used for transmitting mobile voice and data services which are operates at the 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz frequency bands.

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