Best Interview Questions for Power Electronics

In this tutorial we are going to learn about Best Interview Questions for Power Electronics

Question1. What is use of SCR?

Answer- SCR is current control voltage blocking device.

Question2. Which types of switch use for flood light & industrial heating?

Answer – TRIAC use as switch for flood light & industrial heating.

Question3. How to use freewheeling diode at load side?

Answer – Always parallel connected to load with freewheeling diode.

Question4. When more power loss in SCR?

Answer- At the raise time more power loss in SCR.

Question5. What is use of cyclo – converter?

Answer- It is frequency changer.

Question6. Which angle the maximum conduction period of SCR?

Answer – 180o angle is best for maximum conduction period of SCR.

Question7. Which device has combines the characteristics of BJT & MOSFET?

Answer – IGBT process high input impedance like a MOSFET & has low on state power loss as in BJT.

Question8. If latching current of SCR is 20mA, then what will be holding current?

Answer – 40mA, generally latching current is 2 or 3 times of holding current.

Question9. If a boost regulator has an input voltage of 5V and the average output voltage of 15V. then duty cycle will be ?

Answer – 2/3, Boost regulator is step up chopper

VO = VS /1-ὰ =

15 = 5/1- ὰ =

Question10. What is duty cycle of chopper?

Answer- ὰ = TON /T & ὰ = 0 to 1.

Question11. What is operated frequency of power MOSFET?          

Answer- Power MOSFET has low turn off time, so it can be operated in a frequency range 1 to 10 MHZ.

Question12. How protect the SCR from thermal conditions?

Answer- By using heat sink can be dissipated.

Question13. What is use of Chopper?

Answer – It convert Fixed DC to variable DC.

Question14. What is transistor turn ON & turn OFF time depends?

Answer – Transistor turn ON & turn OFF time depend on junction capacitance.

Question15. What is Terminals name of Power Mosfet?

Answer- 1. ) Drain 2.)  Source  3.)  Gate

Question16. What is Terminals name of Transistor?

Answer- 1. ) Collector 2.)  Emitter  3.)  Base

Question17. What is Terminals name of SCR?

Answer- 1. ) Anode 2.)  cathode  3.)  Gate

Question18. What is Terminals name of DAIC?

Answer- 1. ) MT1  2.)  MT2  3.)  Gate

Question19. What is Terminals name of IGBT?

Answer- 1. ) Gate   2.)  Collector  3.)  Emitter

Question20. What is Terminals name of TRAIC?

Answer- 1. ) MT1   2.)  MT2  3.)  GATE

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