Best Tutorial on Electric Drive

In this tutorial we are going to learn about best Tutorial on Electric Drive.

Electric Drive: It is used for motion control and it is also used in both commercial and domestic application like paper machines, Automotive Industry, Fans and Pumps etc which types of application need to control the speed of the motor so basically what is the controlling the speed is nothing but it is a motion controlling and the device which used to control the motion is known as drive

Here below is the diagram of Electric drive

Below are the main parts of electric drive:

  • Energy Source
  • Power Modular
  • Electric Motor
  • Load
  • Sensing Unit
  • Control Unit
  • Energy Source – For electric derive need to energy source which give the input supply to operate it can be AC or DC.
  • Power Modulator – It is used to modulate the flow of power from source to motor, Power mobility need to modulate the power. Generally motor is important speed torque characteristics required by load. It is use to regulates the output power of the source and it is also controls the power from the source to the motor in such a manner that motor transmits the speed-torque required by the load.
  • Electric Motor – It is an electrical machine which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Mostly electric motors operate due to the interaction between the motor’s magnetic field  and electric current in a wire winding which is generate force in the form of torque applied on the motor’s shaft.
  • Load – The electrical load like fans, pumps, trains, etc.
  •  Sensing Unit – The sensing unit can see in the block diagram which is used to sense the particular drive factor such as speed, motor current. Generally this unit is mainly used for the operation of closed loop otherwise protection.
  • Control Unit – The control unit which is used to controls the power modulator which operates at small voltage and power levels. This unit also used to operates the power modulator as desired. It also generates the commands for the protection of power modulator and motor.

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