Circuit Design for Clap Operated Remote Control Fan

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about Circuit design for clap operated remote control fan.

It is operated remote control fans which are utilized to control exchanging properties such as control speed of fan. The fundamental preferred standpoint of clap operated remote control for fan is, it can control up to ten – step velocities of fan where ordinarily a fan has three to five step speeds.

Below is the list of part no. which are used in this circuit-

Sr No.LocationValue
21L16V-0V-6V, Secondary side transformer

 Circuit Function –

It is separated into below noteworthy section.

  • Sound – operated trigger, pulse generator, load operator, clock pulse generator, and clock pulse counter.

Sound – operated trigger pulse:-

The main part of this section as per circuit is  transistor T1 BC148, arranged as class-C amplifier mode. The M1C1 is utilized to change voice signal into its relating electrical signal and is given to base of transistor T1 keeping in mind the end goal to amplify and increment its intensity…

Clock pulse generator:-

This section is built around timer IC NE555 and designed as MONOSTABLE MULTIVIBRATOR. In this section the trigger pulse generated by transistor T1 is given to pin 2 of IC1 and day and age (T) for yield high is ascertained by formula. T=1.1RC

Click pulse counter:-

It is decade counter CD4017BC which checks the clock pulse produced by timer IC (IC1). The yield from IC1 is give to pin 14 of IC2. IC2 has ten outputs, VIZ, o, 1, 2, 3, 4, .9. At that point we utilize just three output i.e. yield 1, 2 and 3 from pin 2, 4, and 7 separately. Yield 4 from pin 10 is straightforwardly connected to reset pin 15.

 Load Operator –

It is built with three transistors as relay driver to operate three separate relays. Yield from each pin of IC2 is given to base of every transistor through 100 Ohm and drove as appeared in circuit outline. Yield is taken from collector of transistor and is connected to relay. The three LED’s used to show gear or speed, i.e. LED1, LED2, and LED3 show gear1, gear2 and gear3 separately.

Use of this circuit –

This circuit used to operate in first speed corresponding. Second clap for second speed, third clap for third speed and fourth clap to turn off the fan.

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