Interview Questions and Answer for SMPS Design

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about Questions and Answer for SMPS Design.

Question1. What is SMPS?

Answer –

  •  SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply).
  • It works on high frequency.
  • First it converts AC to DC first then chops it at high frequency.
  • SMPS working on feedback which contains to maintain the output signal.

Question2. What are the Main Parts of SMPS?

Answer –

  •  Input Rectifier & Filter.
  • Inverter Stage
  • Transformer steps down.
  • Output Rectifier & Filter.
  • Feedback.
  • Control Circuit PWM.
  • Output.

Question3. What is Input Rectifier?

Answer –

 It converts AC supply into DC supply is called rectification which is a rectifier electronics component that is made of a combination of the diode.

Question4. What is Inverter Stage?

Answer –

In this stage, DC power is converted into AC power which is the output that comes at a low-frequency transformer.

Question5. What is Output Rectifier & Filter?

Answer –

If need to isolate the output to input then have to use a high-frequency transformer which can get required output as per load.

Question6. What is Feedback?

Answer –

In this stage, input and output between connecting one sensor which deducts the continue the output voltage, current and temperature through this can regulate the output voltage.

Question7.How many types of SMPS?

Answer –

There are two types of SMPS:

  1. Isolated
  2. NON – Isolated

Question8. What is Isolated SMPS?

Answer –

In this topology use Transformer, while it can produce an output of higher or lower voltage than the input by adjusting the turn’s ratio for some topologies.

Question9. What is Non – Isolated SMPS?

Answer –

It converts a higher input voltage into a regulated lower output voltage. This is non-isolating and ideally suited to step down voltages as a DC to DC converter. It is a relatively simple circuit with the inductor current controlled by a top switch and diode.

Question10.  How many types of Isolated SMPS?

Answer –

  1.  Buck Converter
  2.  Boost Converter
  3.  Buck-Boost SMPS

Question11. How many types of Non-Isolated SMPS?

Answer –

1. Flyback

2. Ringing choke converter (RCC)

3. Push-pull

4. Half-bridge

5. Full-bridge

6. Resonant, zero voltage switched

12. What is the Advantage of SMPS?

Answer –

  • It is a smaller size, lower noise, and lighter weight.
  • It is use in high voltage application.
  • It is heat dissipated.

13. What is the comparison of SMPS and Linear Power Supply?

Answer –

Linear Power Supply – In Linear Power supply has a large transformer to drop voltage from an AC line to a much lower AC voltage and then uses a series of rectifiers. It is bulky and noisy so that it does not use high voltage.

SMPS – Switch-Mode Power Supply which is converting wall-voltage AC power to lower voltage DC power and  It has a smaller transformer due to higher operating frequency which operates at 50 kHz – 1 MHz It has Size and weight of adequate RF shielding may be significant.

14. What is the Power factor?

Answer –

It is the ratio of working power, measured in kilowatts, to apparent power, measured in kilovolt amperes.

15. What is the application of SMPS?

Answer –

Mobile Phone Charger

Laptop Charger

All types of LED TV SMPS

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