Top 10 Interview questions & Answer for Communication Engineering.

In this tutorial we are going to learn about Top 10 Interview questions & Answer for Communication Engineering.

1. What is communication?

Answer – Communication denotes exchange of information, where a message is sent and received. it can be either half duplex. full duplex and simplex.

2. What is channel with respect to communication?

Answer – It is to transmit and receive information, path is required which path is called communication channel. It can be either a cable (fiber, optic, twisted pair etc.) or can be broadcast (satellite, radio etc.)

3. What is half duplex?

Answer – It is use a single path for communication. While basically use only one path we can either transmit or receive at a time but not at the same time & here is example  one way traffic, walkie-talkie.

4. What is full duplex?

Answer – Full duplex means information can be sent and received in both the directions (from sender side and receiver side) at the same time. Example: high way road – on both sides vehicle can move at the same time.

5. What is simplex communication system?

Answer –  in simplex communication system, we either transmit or receive but we cannot do both at same time and this is  example in broadcast system only one transmitter is used to transmit information but one or many receivers will be used to receive it (news headlines scrolling in TV).

6. What is Router?

Answer – It is a networking device which forwards data packets between computer networks and it perform the traffic directing functions on the Internet. In this data sent through the internet, like a web page or email, It is in the form of data packets.

7. What is serial and parallel communication?

Answer –  Data can be transmitted between a sender and a receiver in two main ways:

1. Serial

2. Parallel

3. Serial communication is the method of translating one bit at a time through a medium. for example: Ethernal, RS-232, USB etc

4. Parallel communication is the method of transferring blocks. for example a BYTE of data is transmitted at the same time.

For example: Computer peripeheral buses like: ISA, ATA, SCSI, PCI, RAM etc..

5. Define modulation

ans. Modulation is a technique to transmit a signal over a long distance by varying properties of a waveform in a carrier signal.

6. What is coding?      

ans. Messages are transmitted and received as bits. Based on the different applications we make the bits to fit into it accordingly. there are four different types of coding. they are

7.What are the different types of coding?

Ans- Below are the types of coding.

a. Data compression

b. Error correction

c. Cryptographic coding

d. Line coding

8. Why antenna is required?

ans. Transmission and reception of signals in proper frequency can be done by the antennas. this transmission and reception of signals can be single direction or multiple directions. this depends upon the directivity of the antenna. the length of the antenna is decided by the frequency of transmission or reception.

9. What is repeater?

Answer – It is an electronic device which receives a signal and retransmits and it is used to extend transmissions due to this the signal can cover longer distances or be received on the other side of an obstruction. 

10. What is base station?

Answer – it simple works it is like host computer access details are maintained. Base station is where many antennas will be placed so that many users get connected to it.

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