Top 10 Interview Questions & Answers for Telecom Engineer

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about Best Interview Questions & Answers for Telecom Engineer.

What is Time Division Multiple Access?

It is a digital transmission technology that is works by dividing a radio frequency into time slots and then allocating slots to each user within each channel. What is FDMA?

It is access a scheme in which the entire frequency band is divided into channels, each channel corresponding to a particular frequency range.

What is the uplink and downlink band of GSM?

The uplink band of GSM is from 890 MHz to 915 MHz and the downlink band is from 935 MHz to 960MHz

What is Mobile Station Roaming Number (MSRN)?

It is used to identify a subscriber when routing the call from the GMSC to the visited MSC for mobile terminating calls.

What is FER?

Frame erasure Rate (FER): It is defined as the amount of swept speech frames (260 bits each) divided by the amount of transmitted speech frames. The speech frame is swept if even one of its most important 50 bits is observed not to be correct the three parity bits following the 50 class la bits are used for error detection.

What is BER?

Bit Error Rate – It is the ratio of erroneously received bits to all received bits. It is important to notice that BRE is evaluated before channel decoding, i.e. after equalizer.

What is the name the algorithms used in Ciphering and Authentication?

Ciphering: The algorithm 129- EEA3 and 128- EIA3 and 3GPP Confidentiality and Integrity Algorithm is used for ciphering in GSM

Authentication: It isused for authentication in the GSM systems. This algorithm is used in implementing Subscriber Identity Module (SIM).

What is the SSI?

Small –scale integration, It is the process of concentrating semiconductor devices in a single integrated circuit

What is Idle Mode?

A mobile is said to be in idle mode when it is active (powered on) but is not allocated any traffic channels. In this mode, the MS listens to broadcast channels in order to intercept paging messages, monitor the radio environment in order to evaluate its quality and choose the most suitable base station.     

What is Erlangs?

Traffic refers to the usage of channels and is usually thought of as the holding time per time unit (or the number of as the holding time unit for one or several circuits (trunks or channels). Traffic is measured in  Erlangs (E),for example, if one subscriber is continuously on the telephone, this would generate one cell can hour per hour or 1 E of traffic.

What are the various types of bursts in GSM?

  • Normal Burst
  • Synchronization Burst
  • Dummy Burst
  • Frequency Synchronization Burst.

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