Top 50 MCQ for Electrical Engineer

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about Top 50 MCQ for Electrical Engineer

What is the ratio of voltage and electric in a closed circuit?

  The electric in a closed circuit increases

  • What is the curve representing ohm’s law?

The representing ohm’s law is linear

  • What is the resistance of wire varies inversely as

The varies inversely as area of cross section

  • What KCL is applicable?

The applicable only to junctions in a network.

  • If cells are connected in series in order to increase?

The series in order to increase the voltage rating

  • If Cells are connected in parallel in order to increase?

It is parallel in order to increase current capacity

  •  When two cells are connected in parallel?

It should ensure that have equal EMF.

  • What is the capacity of a battery is expressed in?

The battery is expressed in amperes-hour

  • Which one is classified as integrating instrument?

The integrating instrument ampere-hour meter & energy meter

What is electric pressure is also called?

It is also called voltage

What is conductance is reciprocal of?

It is reciprocal of resistance

What is the resistance of a conductor varies inversely as?

The conductor varies inversely as area of cross-section

When rise in temperature the resistance of semi-conductors?

The resistance of semi-conductors decreasese

What is called of instrument which detects electric current?

The electric current is known as Galvanometer

What is current velocity through a copper conductor?

The copper conductor is of the order of a few micros second

Which of the following material has nearly zero temperature co-efficient of resistance?

The nearly zero temperature co-efficient of resistance managing.

 Two resistors are said to be connected in series when ?

The connected in series when same current passes in turn through both

What is function of Insulating material?

The function of preventing a short circuit between conducting wire

What is the rating of a fuse wire is always expressed in?

The wire is expressed in amperes

  •  If a parallel circuit is opened in the main line, then current?

 The current is zero in all ranches

  • If electric current passing through the circuit produces?

  The circuit produces thermal effect

  • How bulbs connected in street lighting?

  The lighting are all connected in Parallel

  • Which method can be used for absolute measurement of resistances?

  The used for used for absolute measurement of resistances Wheatstone bridge method

  • What is the Ohm’s law not applicable to?

  The applicable to semi-conductors

  • What is the open resistor, when checked with an ohm-meter reads?

 The ohm-meter reads infinite

  •  What are all good conductors have high?

 They have high conductance

  • Why voltage dependent resistors are are usually made from?

 The resistors are usually made from nichrome

  • What is a thermostat has?

 The zero temperature coefficients

  • How are Nichrome wire an alloy of ?

  It is an alloy of nickel and chromium

  •  What is the one Newton meter  same as?

  It is same as one joule

  • Why are lines of  force due to charged particles are?

 The charged particles are always curved

  • What are a field line and an equipotential surface are?

 The equipotential surface is always at 900

  • Which a dielectric material must be?

The material must be insulator

  • What is the electrolytic capacitor can be used for?

The capacitor can be used for D.C. only

  • Which is the power dissipated in a pure capacitor?

 The pure capacitor is zero

What is the unit of capacitance?

 The capacitance is farad

  •  What is the Electric field intensity a quantity?

  It is quantity vector

  • What is the capacitor preferred for high circuit?

 The high circuit is mica capacitor

  • Which capacitor will be physically smaller for the same ratings?

 The physically smaller for the same ratings Ceramic capacitor

  • Why capacitors are mainly used radio frequency tuning?

 The used frequency tuning Air

  • What is Capacitors can be used only for D.C.?

 The used only for D.C. Electrolytic

  • Why Capacitors are used in transistor circuits?

The transistor circuits Ceramic

  • How total deficiency or excess of electrons in a body is is known as?

The electrons in a body is known as charge

  • What is the unit tube of flux known as tube?

    The flux is known as tube Faraday

  •  Which electric displacement is a quantity?

It is a quantity vector

  • What is the paper condenser?

The condenser is usually of fixed value

  • Why an electrolytic capacitor is is generally made to provide?

 It is generally made to provide large value capacitance

  • What is the condenser suitable for D.C. only?

 The D.C. only is poled aluminum electrolytic condenser

  •  What is the in a capacitor, the electric charge stored in?

The electric charge is stored in dielectric

  • What are the permanent magnets are normally made of?

The normally made of alnico alloys

  • What is the unit of Electricity?

The unit of electricity is power(W)

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