Very Simple Circuit for Automatic Lock and Unlock of Interlock.

In this tutorial, we are going to learn the Very Simple Circuit for Automatic Lock and Unlock of Interlock.

Here we are taking very simple design for PCB design begins

As per the below circuit for automatic interlock, in this circuit can see there one WI-FI module which is used for WI-FI. First, we make any project lest having clear the specifications of the project then select the components & create the circuit as per project requirement. In this circuit can see there are two sensors which through the lock and unlock via motor driver of ULN 2003 all components are working interconnect with WI-FI module that operates through programming.

Below are the BOM for Circuit for Automatic Lock and Unlock of Interlock

1      1      D1                                          LED

2      1      J1                                         CON5

3      1      J2                                         CON2

4      1      J3                                         CON3

5      1      M1                                        U2845

6      2      Q2, Q1                                    SENSOR

7      5      R1,R2,R3,R4,R5                    10K

8      1      U1                                           ULN2003

PCB Library: When we have completed the circuit then we have to create the PCB library as per circuit BOM.

Here we are taking one example of PCB lib, Below is the LIB for WI-FI module which is created as per datasheet when creating any library should have the datasheet of particular components so that can make the same footprint, Which is dimension should be same as datasheet if we do any error then at the assembly time components will not be fit so that always create the footprint proper dimensions of components.

PCB Layout Design: When we have completed the circuit and PCB lib then design the final layout of PCB, as per the below layout for Automatic Lock and Unlock of Interlock. In this below design can see it is two-layer, top layer always use all signal trace and another trace, try to make the bottom layer complete with a ground layer which is always working as a heat sink of PCB which protect the circuit from heating, In this PCB can see there are two layers. One is the top layer there are maximum signal traces and other traces only bottom side use the ground layer which is the best way of PCB design. When we design any type of PCB first take the mechanical dimension which is provided by the customer or mechanical engineer. 

Below are the main points of PCB layout design

  1. First take the mechanical dimensions.
  2. Then put the all connector which have fixed location.
  3. Then place the main part of circuit like Wi-Fi module.
  4. Place the all components as per flow of circuit.
  5. Whenever the Placement is done then routing the PCB.
  6. When we design the two layer PCB then route the all signal & other traces on top side & ground layer should be route on bottom side.

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