What are Batteries and Power Supplies?

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about what are Batteries and Power Supplies?

Just as an engine has many parts to push a car down the road, electronic products must use various parts to prefer m differing jobs for the overall function of the device. Devices such as computers, cell phone, or TV sets require a great   number of electronic components. A device uses individual circuits made up of a number of components that can limit power usage, it can reflect an increase electronic signal of encoded information to other devices, or it can control energy use, in addition to turning it on or off.

The most fundamental parts of a device are the source of power (power supply), and the control such as a   mechanical or electronic switch. To deliver energy, we need conductive surface and insulators to isolate power usage   in the devices. The processing circuits that do the work we want the device to perform with data or electronic signals, and the output and input circuits will use the processed signals to display, make sound, or move objects.

The symbols shown above are DC and AC power sources. AC power is normally the input source from the electrical grid; the DC source is used within most electrical or electrical or electronic circuits. The most familiar DC power supply used by most people is the most people is the simple battery.


Conductors are represented as   lines on electrical diagrams- they require a conductive surface for the use of energy transfer and an insulation surface to control where the energy is consumed and transported. As shown above, the conductors are represented as lines   with a connection point called a node; another common conductor symbol is ground. The ground symbol represents the return side of   the power supply. To save space and   confusion on a schematic diagram it means that each ground is at a differing level of voltage. Do not make a wire connection between these differing voltage point- Nodes; it could destroy the electronics on the circuit boards of the device.

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