What is Difference between RAM and ROM?

In this tutorial we are going to learn about what ate the difference between RAM and ROM?

  • RAM & ROM these are parts of microcontroller & microprocessor.
  • Microcontroller is small unit Like IC, CPU, with input and output memories that  do specific task,  We know which kinds of memory use in inside microcontroller, In microcontroller which have two types of  memories, one  is program memory and second is data memory , here below is microcontroller memories types :
  1. ROM, Flash Memory
  2. RAM

Difference between RAM and ROM

RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY , it is one time programmable memory means during the time of manufacturing , these memory are getting programmed , If once programmed this, then we cannot change the content of this memory   READ ONLY MEMORY, we can write or erase the program for limited time. Cannot be easily reprogrammed
It is read – write memory It is only read memory
RAM is volatile which means when power is shut down the contents of the memory are lost. It is non volatile, When power is shut down the contents of the memory are not lost.
It is used to store variable during program execution It is program memory but cannot store the data during program execution
 The storage capacity of RAM is high The storage capacity of ROM is smaller as compare to RAM
RAM memory can read data very fast. ROM is slower than RAM.
It is read and write memory It can only read memory
These are two types STATIC and DYNAMIC. STATIC RAM- Which require the constant flow of the power to retain the data inside. DYNAMIC RAM – It need to be refreshed to retain the data it holds       These are three types, PROM, EPROM, and EEPROM. PROM– It is programmable; it can be modified only one time. EPROM – Erasable & programmable ROM. EEPROM-Electrically Erasable & Programmable ROM, It can be erased & reprogrammed.    
In RAM memory data can be modified IN ROM memory data cannot be modified
RAM size is 64MB to 16GB ROM is smaller than RAM
RAM memory is costlier ROM memory is cheaper than RAM
It is easier available in marker It is not get easy in market .

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