What is Digital Audio Sound?

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about digital audio.

Digital Audio Sound – It refers to technology that records, store and reproduce the sound by converting analog to digital converter.

  • Digital Audio – It is related sound which can be record in digital form or can convert in digital form is called digital audio.
  • In digital sound have analog electrical sound (which generate the sound), First convert the analog to digital convert by ADC (analog to digital converter) which is use for convert to analog sound to digital sound.ADC converts an incoming electrical pressure sound wave into binary (0s & 1s) in order that the audio signal may be recorded, process, edit and replayed.
  • Then used PCM(pulse code modulation)
  • Digital sound can record the help of computers (or audio playback machines and other digital sound tools) which is use to recode, edit and modify.
  • For listening of digital sound again we have to convert into analog signal which is called DAC (digital to analog converter) and also use audio power amplifier and loudspeaker for reproduce the sound.
  • Other components of digital sound system are like as Compression, storage, processing and transmission.

 Below is the format of digital audio sounds:

The most popular digital audio formats are: MP3, AAC, FLAC,WAV, Vorbis, WMA, MP3 and Ogg.

Sample Rate of Digital Audio Sound:

  • Sample Per Second.
  • Measured in HZ.
  • Telephone and VOIP: 8000 Hz(8Khz)
  • Audio CDs : 44100 Hz(44.1Khz)

Advantage of digital audio sound:

  • In digital sound have easy like Manipulation, storage, transmission and retrieval.
  • In digital sound can do infinite copies without degradation of quality & loss of signal.

Application of digital audio sound:

By the help of digital sound & online distribution companies can sale the digital sound to the consumer help with internet.

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