What is Main Requirement for New Electronics Product?

In this tutorial we are going to learn about what is Main Requirement for New Electronics Product?

Maximum time, many types of electronics projects consist of four types of element

Here below is the element need to new product development.

 Input: It is depend on the is our requirement that is sets off the effect, like that a remote control device or a Switch that you push. Like event and a sensor, such as a motion or light detector, can also be used to activate an effect.

 Power source: When we developed any types of electronics product then we have to decide which types of power source we are using for particular for product it can be use batteries or inbuilt ac to dc converter in circuit.  

 Circuit:  For any types of new electronics product we have to create circuit that are interconnected of components , that Components that control the voltage — such as transistors, capacitors, amplifiers, and resistors — are connected to each other and to the power source by wires and make up the circuit. If our circuit is not okay then our product can’t be good , it totally depend on the circuit so when we make the any types of product should be create best circuit design with all components should be proper selection with all wire should be proper interconnected as per product requirement.

 Output:  For any types of product need to output specification , means what is behaving doing our product when it is powered by the circuit to produce an effect, such as speaker emitting sound, LED lights going off, or a motor that set attached wheels spinning.

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