What Is PCB Design Process ?

In this tutorial we are going to What Is PCB Design Process ?

Hardware Engineer
• Concept of design
• Rough “scribble” of schematic
• Breadboard proofing of concept
PCB Designer
• Hand draw full schematic
• Hand draw layout of component placement (2x, 4x)
• Hand tape circuitry on to mylar film
• Hand inking of components and board nomenclature
• Drill templates created using dots, donuts, symbols
PCB Manufacturer
• Photo-reduction of taped artwork
• Chemical etching of copper laminates
• Hand cut silk screens to squeegee onto board
• “Bulls eye” drilling of holes
• Hand mounting and soldering of components
• Hand probes used to test functionality
PCB Manufacturing
• First to utilize advancement in automation and computers
• Digitizing replaces photo-reduction
• NC Drill replaced “Bulls eye” drilling
• Photographic imaging to create silk screens
• “Pick & Place” machines for component mounting
• Wave solder machines reduces hand soldering
• Designing
• Hand drawing layouts(2x,4x) digitized to create 1x film artwork
• CAD programs developed for board layout
• Output of Gerber data to create 1x film artwork
• Output of NC Drill tapes

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