What is Rain alarm and plant moisture control?

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about Rain alarm and plant moisture control.      

Rain alarm and plant moisture control –

Also rain alarms or a plant moisture control systems are possible applications of the water level monitor. If one likes to detect, whether it is raining outside, then the two electrodes can be wrapped up into blotting paper. After placing this new sensor at an appropriate outdoor location, the paper will be soaked in case of rain and the LED will light up. Such kinds of sensors are important in home automation. For example an awning can be controlled automatically, depending on the weather condition. If rain comes up, the awning can be pulled in automatically. In this way, the fabric can be treated with care and deterioration is reduced. Also in high class cars, rain sensors are used more and more often. Here they are controlling the windshield wipers automatically. They start working as soon as the first rain drops begin to fall. If water level control monitor shall be used as plant moisture control, the electrode just has to be inserted to the earth containing they plant. If the set-up is to be used over a long term period, than once again robust electrode should be used, just like in the case of the water machine alarm. The mode of operation of the plant moisture control should be clear by now. In this case also the dry earth shows only an extremely low conductivity. Only if enough moisture is present in the earth, increasers the conductivity. Ideally the red LED is replaced by a green one in this application. As long as the LED in on, everything is ok. If the LED gets darker or turns off completely you should think about pouring water into your plant pot. Of course the optimum distance and insertion depth of the electrodes must be determined experimentally so that the green LED really guarantees an extended plant live and the valuable flower are neither drowned  nor die due to lack of water.                                                                                                                   

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